My wishes

A long journey with same people but with many unknown faces of life. Things I would like to have this year are many but preferably 5 are necessary
Wishes are not more than angels for me if they get complete it feel wondrous.
1.I want to be total myself this year. I want to enjoy all the moments with open mind.

2.I want to read more books and vist social media less.

3. I want to get my poems publish and earn some good name.

4. Stop being messy and try to keep the world a happy place to live.

5. Want to have my dream holiday.

Some are relevant and some are not still wishes are wishes.
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  1. Hey one of my wishes is also to read and one of my take aways was to stay from social media sites that is online shopping...
    All the best and I sincerely hope your wishes do get fulfilled.


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